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It’s Monday!

Posted in Q' Time,Randomness by misspicture on January 17, 2010
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It’s monday and since  i pretty much blogged during the weekend. Im going to keep it simple today.

I just want to ask you a simple question… or two.

If you are reading this.

what’s your name? and where are you from?

I really want to know who reads this blog. Dont ignore me!

set, ready…. GO!


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  1. Jyll said,

    Hello Miss Picture,

    My name is Jyll and I am reading this from the Dominican Republic (but I think you knew that already!!)

  2. zach pippin said,

    Zach Pippin. Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

    ps Jyll, I’m hoping to fly down to DR in 2 weeks on my way to Haiti!

  3. Jyll said,

    Zach, That is great. But be careful. Reports we have received from people here who have gone there is that it is not safe. They are having trouble distributing supplies and medicine because they need to have armed guards there to keep people from entering with guns and taking it all. Any building or structure is unsafe, and there was another quake there today.

    Hope you’re ready for what you will see, but I am sure it wont be pretty. God bless you.

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