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Q’ Time: Prayer

Posted in Q' Time,Randomness by misspicture on January 13, 2010
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Q’ Time: stands for QUESTION time. so… would you please answer the question on red bellow?

thanks 🙂


Everyone who’s asked me about my trip to Africa has heard me say it.

It was a school of prayer.

IT was.

Those people prayed about everything and all the time. I had never seen that before. It amazed me.

But then i came back.
and i stopped.

But im on it again.

I picked a few things ill be praying for during this month. daily

I will eventually add new requests to this list. This is all im taking for now.

– A friend i met on the Newspring web-service. She has been addicted to drugs for 3 year. She has been going to the webservice for a few months now and has kept herself clean for about a week now.

– Another friend who is dealing with sin in her life and asked me to keep her accountable.

Zach and Marcus and their mission trip to Nicaragua. more info HERE

Nore as we prepare for Discipleship! yay!

– Mariana as im begging God to let me disciple her too before i leave.

– My dad’s gambling addiction

– Africa and the ministry there.

Would you join me?

This is pretty much all im praying right now.

I know there are Lots of things i should add to that list. But im starting small. Prayer is not something that comes easy for me. So… hang with me.

What are some of your constant prayers?

Ps: i actually wrote this yesterday (wednesday jan 13th) Because i wont have electricity today from 7am to 11am.


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  1. norecg said,

    Thank you sooo muccch I cant wait for you to disciple me! This are things I am constantly praying for:

    You, your trip to africa and women who live there.

    Mercy for our country and wisdom for everybody here, even more christians.

    The lives of my 5 friends-classmates who don’t don’t Christ yet and purity for my life so I can be a channel for them to come to Christ.

    Financial Support for Yare


    Claiming for the lives of all christians that are currently far away from HIM to come back.

    =) I have some others..but these are pretty much the ones I am hardly praying for..

    PD: I completly love this post as you could tell yesterday jaja(K)

  2. zach pippin said,

    Thanks for all of your support!

    My most frequent prayers center around missions, from my upcoming Nica trip to friends’ trips

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