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Posted in FLF by misspicture on January 8, 2010
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I just downloaded Facebook to my Blackberry. After 6 month of living a facebook notifications-free life. So im not sure what to do with my FLF….  my cellphone keeps ringing showing me that i have fb messages but i have not checked them all day today… i dont know what to do.

maybe i shouldnt have downloaded the facebook application again…. BUT i have  an excuse for that and that is i came up with a daily schedule and when i was done with it i realized facebook was not included in my day. So i decided to download it on my Blackberry again… It feels so weird.

But i dont know whats going to happen with my FLF. 
I mean, i should stick with this. I need a break from Facebook once a week. I dont want it… But i like challenges!

so here’s what im going to do…
Im going to ignore the notifications on my Blackberry. Every friday-

I need your encouragement-
Every friday-



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  1. norecg said,

    hmm.. maybe you should go to the settings and figure out the way that the notifications don’t get to the phone..i don’t know how but I know its possible haha =) you surely can make it!

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