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Thoughts- BONUS

Posted in BONUS by misspicture on December 29, 2009
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Here are some thoughts after a bad day…

1- I miss my Ms in a way i never thought i would.
2- Im on my own in this.
3- No-one here understands
4- They will not understand
5- And that’s ok
6- I dont like # 2, 3 and 4. But its all part of the process
7- I asked for forgiveness. Being this miserable doesnt bring glorty to God
8- I miss my M* girls
9- I would take that plane tomorrow if i could
10- Its just me and God.
11- This next year is going to be challenging
12- I am growing. I am growing. I become a new creature with every passing day. He is my perfecter. I am becoming more like Him.
13- Boy, i am selfish!
14- Jesus is fixing that. Dont worry.
15- Sadness is over.
16-Im on my own.
17- No one understands
18- repeat # 8
19- My spirit is listening
20- My relationship with Him has never been stronger
21- #20 is true just because of # 2,10 and 16
22- waiting sucks
23- I LOVE my life
24- I HATE waiting
25- I am doing this right. I am doing life right. This is right.
26- I may or may not go to N.A next year
27- But. I am doing this right.
28- I love blogging
29- I just finished the book of Acts and i start Romans tomorrow. (8 days until i finish up the Bible)
30- I think Acts is my -new- favorite book of the Bible.
31- Be still and Know that I am God- Psalms 46:10
32- I am doing this right. I have bad days. But im doing this right.
33- Thank you Jesus.


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  1. Emiro José said,

    I’m always pleased to read your thought.

    I wish i had the courage to put my feelings and frustrations into words. I bet it feels good!

    You know, you’re always in my closest prayers.


    • misspicture said,

      It does. It feels better. Vulnerability is part of our beauty. I believe we should embrace it -and give God the glory for He loves us despite of out weaknesses- rather than hide it.

      Thanks for your prayers.

      hey te tengo un recuerdito de africa. cuando te lo doy?

  2. Teto said,

    i dont know why… but everytime im sad and low you’re always there girl! God is using you someway somehow to lift my spirit up! its not easy… but our rewards are going to be AWESOME! im sure of that! i wish i could publish some of my writtings! dunno maybe someday i will!

    Love you DI… go for it! you’re in the perfect hands! in His hands!


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