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FLF- New series

Posted in FLF,Recipes by misspicture on December 26, 2009


its late. i know. But today was all about eating and sleeping. yeah… I thought about all of you though. And for that reason, im writing this. Not that my post today will be remarkable. It wont.

Its just a little announcement.

We will start a series in this blog. We will start monday. It will be a recipe series.

Boys/Girls: I encourage you to try them and let me know. They are really simple recipes that ive tried over the holidays. And they are really good.

Send your pictures!

ps: since its a holiday. I decided not to go facebook-less today. I thought you should know.

ps2: Zach. I am NOT sexist. 🙂

See you monday!


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  1. zach pippin said,

    hmm, a bit sexist are we? haha, I must say I enjoy cooking for myself 🙂 (not that I have a wife, girlfriend, mom, aunt, or sister living with me that could cook for me anyways)

    • misspicture said,

      I wasnt thinking about you when i wrote that. i KNOW you enjoy cooking. But lets just say i live in latin america and boys dont cook down here. which is a big boo 😦

  2. norecg said,

    hey hey!! hurry up with thoseee! Im making ponche today and I’m exited about the fact that maybe this year it is gonna come up good, since last year it tasted like tetero LOL.

    I need to take advantage of the holydays so my mom bought all kinds of ingredients :):) bring it up! I promise i’ll send pictures of my big mess haha 🙂

    PD: I have a new post :p

    • misspicture said,

      Hey! i read it!
      siiiiii enviame las fotillos. yo las publico aqui.

      have fun cooking!
      oh how i love cooking….

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