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Posted in Uncategorized by misspicture on December 24, 2009

AND its time to celebrate.

Me and my family dont have many traditions. Actually,when people ask me about them my mind always goes blank. I dont think we have any.

So, since i cant tell you about my traditions <which i dont have> im going to tell help you see how christmas is like here in Venezuela.

We celebrate on the 24th. the 25th is a day to eat and sleep and probably visit family and friends. But you mostly spend that day eating and sleeping. On Christmas eve people usually go to church and then go home and get their together with their families and eat the christmas dinner.

And then we have music on. we dance, we eat, we catch up with our families.

I come from a very small family. I only have ONE uncle and he and his family usually spend christmas at his in-laws. So i dont get to see them for christmas. So its just me, my mom, my dad, my grandma, brother and sister.

My parents usually go to bed after dinner. Which, culturally, you should eat at 12m. But in this household we eat around 10 MAX.

This year im baking lots and LOTS of cookies because my mom is having 2 friends over. AND im also making my friend’s Jyll recipe. I dont really know what they are called. But it involves melted cheese and meat. OH! and im also making rice krispies. Thank you Jyll!

This is whats going on here today.

I will give you pictures tomorrow for my Facebook Less Friday.

So.. what is christmas like for you?


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  1. norecg said,

    This is going to be my first christmas at home..I usually spend it at my grandma’s. It’s going to be just my parentsm my sister and I but I’m pretty much exited about it, having dinner at my place, cooking and taking pictures in my actual tree LOL.

    We always go to bed early but I guess I would spend some time with my neighbourgs and stuff..I think i wont have fun as many of my friends but I’ll try my best to enjoy it..after all Is not about 24th or 25th..Its about feeling joyful and Thankful Christ is the king of my heart and Family :).

  2. Jyll said,

    You are very welcome. By the way, today I made Pan de Jamon. It turned out pretty good and got A’s seal of approval as an expert in Venezuelan cuisine!!

    • misspicture said,

      wow. great! whats the name of that recipe btw? they turned out great as well.

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