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FLF- 8 seconds or less

Posted in FLF by misspicture on December 18, 2009
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Welcome to my Facebook-Less Friday post.

Today is my BIG meeting with my pastor.

I am going to tell him all about my trip to Africa and that God told me loud and clear to go back in sept for a year. [i dont know what he might think about that] so.. would you PLEASE! pray?

You dont have to pray for hours…. you can just take 8 seconds of your precious and valuable time to say something like “God, show up in that meeting” or “Jesus, help her not to worry” or “Lord, soften her pastor’s heart” out-loud !

I NEED your prayers.

Here’s why…

1- I am going to show him my heart in that meeting. I am going to share about my fears and my dreams
2- He might want me to stay here for a few more years. But i feel like i would be disobeying  God if i were to stay.
3- I know i should obey God’s voice rather than my pastors opinions…. But its just not easy. I know that my pastor is a man of God and he wants the best for me. So his opinion is very very important for me.
4- I just want you to be a part of what God is doing in my life.

So please… 8 seconds or less. Please pray!

And i might bless you with a saturday post. Just to let you know that your prayers were answered.

So lets make of this Facebook-Less Friday. A Prayer-Full Friday!

To be continued….


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  1. Listening carefully to what your pastor says when you meet with him – often they see more than you realise & he is the overseer of your soul – be careful not to hear only what you want to hear but really take time to hear what he is saying – EVERYTHING!

    Submission to your leaders is a beautiful thing, God will bless you for it & He will have His way in your life so don’t feel the need to force His will just trust that His will, will be done in His perfect & beautiful timing. If you go into your meeting with a heart to hear the voice of God through your pastor you will be a very blessed woman.

    Can’t wait to hear how it all goes, am praying for you & am thanking God for your amazing heart & passion for Him ❤

    • misspicture said,


      i missed you this whole time! haha Thank you so much for your words. I will for sure enter that meeting with a heart that’s willing to listen to the voice of God through my wonderful spiritual leader. Thank you so much

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