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Re-Defining Generosity

Posted in Insights by misspicture on December 8, 2009

God has been teaching me a LOT about generosity these days. I decided to write about this a few minutes ago while watching Craig Groeschel’s message on Giving.

But the funny thing is that lately it seems that all the messages i watch are about giving and generosity. And it just hit me that God is trying to send me a message and as one of my favorite preachers,Perry Noble, says: “If there is one thing that always stands out in every sermon you hear.. That might be God trying to tell you something” 

So this is what im learning:

– I have been abundantly blessed.
– Those blessings are not for me to keep
-Denying to give back to God is the same as robbing Him

-I need to give more

Yes. I need to give more. So, I am going to give more. You’ll see… you can not just listen to good preachers. You need to get up and apply their good teaching. And that’s what im doing. I am not telling how that’s going to work out for me, because this is a public blog AND im not going to show off how much im going to start giving. It’s just not the point of this post. This is something between  me and God. No-one-else-needs-to-know.

Im going to give you some recommendations- [And im not trying to be Miss. Finance expert. This is something i JUST learned and im trying to put into practice. And since im learning to give and not be selfish im just sharing this with you]

1- Start with 10%

If you are new to the giving “thing” just start by giving 10% back to God. This translates into your local church. And watch God do more with a blessed 90% than with 100% that does not have His blessing.

2- Dont forget the offerings

And i am not the right person to say this but lets just learn this together. Tithing does not replace offerings. For so long i’ve had this wrong. I still do. I am selfish with the offerings. I just tithe. But God has been showing me that by not investing in the kingdom with my offering im still making money an idol in my life. And this might sound harsh (and it is) but i must confess that i tithe  out of commitment rather than out of gratefulness. And of course that must change. Today. 

3- Give God your best. Not your leftovers 

 Ill sum this up in one statement. God cant be fooled and im sure you and i can give way more than we actually do. Support a missionary! sponsor a child! Feed a child on the street! Give! Give! Give! Lets Give!

4- Challenge yourself!

And this is what im doing! Im going to challenge myself (those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while, know that i like to challenge myself in my walk with Christ. I refuse to stop learning and to stop depending on God) Out of the 3 things we’ve already talked about. I have none right. So starting NOW im going to make some arrangements on my finances. I encourage you to challenge yourself! 

For you this might mean forcing yourself to give. Hey! we should give cheerfully but if that’s what you need to do to get you started! then do it, man! For others this means to tithe more than 10%. maybe 12% or 15%? Some of you just need to step up and get involved in missions. It is a personal decision. But i encourage you to seek God about it and ask Him what this means specifically in your life.

For me it starts with covering up my room (almost) with post-it notes with the word “GIVE” on them

I know one thing. We can always give more.

This post is way too long. But i want to close with a funny thought.

-God is teaching me to re-define generosity. Dont you love God’s timing?
It’s just funny that i start support raising for North Africa in April (maybe march). I love the Fact that God is changing my mindset about giving. Right before i ask people to give.-

God has a sense of humor! and a super wise way to work things out.

Anything you want to add?

Have a wonderful day! miss


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  1. nore said,

    giving is about money, it surely is…But it’s also about time and efford. Are we just giving 10% money to god only rather than 10% money and time? I’ve actually learned that He deserves more Time from me and if actually I DO NOT HAVE TIME he’s going to multiply it just as he Does with money.

    I decided to invest 10% of my time in others, so I’d be giving the love he gave me first, and sharing blessings wich is just like invest Time in Him..

    Great post sweetie !!

    • misspicture said,

      That’s another way to see it. A very good way to see it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love No. 3-Reminds me of Crazy Love : ) Love the redesign!

  3. misspicture said,

    yeah.. you need to help me make it “prettier” im sorry if that word is not in your vocabulary. haha! but yeah…

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