The Heart of a Missionary-


Posted in Insights by misspicture on November 29, 2009
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I wrote the post below about two months ago when i was feeling a little bit down because i thought my church didnt really care about my God given call to be a missionary. I was frustrated and hurt. but God kept telling me that it was not about me and how i felt. He kept teaching me that i need to have a giving and thankful heart.

God has been showing me that my leaders- specially my pastor- are not perfect. But they have something that not every church leader has. And that is a heart that’s after God’s.

I went to my mission trip with my church’s support. I even had a meeting with my pastor right before going. And he showed my his heart for missions and his plans for the future.

I came back and things have changed. I cant really tell you what it is… But my church is different. Its a place that i, now, love more.

God has answered my prayer. But it took learning a lesson that i didnt like. It took time. It took a new perspective.

I am so thankful for my church and my leaders. Men and women who seek the Lord wholeheartedly and radiate it.

What about you?
What have been some of the results of the lessons God has told you?


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